WATCH: Innocent ofo bike gets wrecked by young edgelord

Photo: Video screengrab
Photo: Video screengrab

If bicycle-sharing start-up ofo has been relatively blasé about the “rare cases” of intentionally damaged bikes in Singapore, here’s a clip that should leave the company at least a little shook.

Witness in horror as this wee ofo bike loses a fight with a young edgelord (i.e. folks who try so, so hard to seem edgy), whose reaction to the innovative dockless bike-sharing scheme is to wreck one. Watch as he picks up the yellow two-wheeler and slams it to the ground before stomping on its tyre as if the bike somehow offended his mother.

It’s unclear where and when this incident took place. As for ofo, the China-based firm has yet to respond to our enquiries on the incident as of writing.

Among the three bike-sharing ventures here (the two others being oBike and Mobike) ofo’s yellow bikes seem to be getting the biggest brunt of public assholery, with dozens of reports seeing them misused or just outright destroyed. Ofo bikes have been dumped in canals, left laying on grass patches, indiscriminately locked and even painted over. There’s a Facebook group dedicated to spotting ofo bikes — and more often than not, the posts are about wrecked or vandalised bicycles.

Despite the viral sightings of misused bikes, the three firms have repeatedly stated to the media that such cases are rare, and that their services are just facing teething problems from their emergence.

Alternatively, one can always attribute the misuse to a small percentage of assholes who just want to ruin nice things for everyone else — all we can say is, permanent solutions need to be cooked up quick.



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