WATCH: Man wearing a motorcycle helmet the wrong way gets corrected by laughing dudes

Video screengrabs

Videos recorded on the roads here more often than not induce dread and anger, but we’re happy to report that this one will bring a bit of joy this Friday afternoon.

Earlier this morning, Facebook user Khrl Azhr uploaded a clip he took this morning while in a vehicle along Orchard Road, in which he and his friend spotted a cartoonish sight: a motorcycle pillion rider wearing his helmet the wrong way round. Rather than letting go of the absurdity, they rightfully corrected the poor guy but couldn’t help laughing at the whole thing. Even the motorcyclist couldn’t help chuckling at his friend after realizing what they were talking about.

It’s not the first time someone was caught exhibiting a severe lack of knowledge in wearing a helmet, and it certainly won’t be the last. But really, we can’t stress the importance of wearing safety gear properly — especially so for pillion riders on motorbikes.

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