WATCH: A koi fish aquarium built right into the steps of a HDB unit entryway

Photo: Video screengrab
Photo: Video screengrab

Live in an HDB flat with no space big enough for an actual pond to keep Koi fishes?

Photo: Video screengrab
Bear Grylls knows best.

A HDB dweller didn’t let the limited expanse of public housing stop him from building a koi pond at his doorstep. No, literally at his doorstep — the small stairway to a ground-level unit was successful converted into a proper aquarium big enough to hold over 10 koi fishes and a suckermouth catfish.

Honestly, it’s an impressive feat. The tank comes with its own filtration system and appears to be watertight, thanks to the glass panes sealed firmly to the sides of the stairway. The observant would also notice that there’s a tap installed at the side of the stairwell, presumably to let the water out during cleaning.

Photo: Video screngrab
Photo: Video screngrab

But if the entry to the unit has been converted into a huge-ass aquarium, how would the house’s occupants even enter? Aqua Lush — the aquarium store that uploaded the clip on Facebook — clarified that the unit has “dual door access”. A resident familiar with the koi pond revealed in the comments section that the occupant actually owns two HDB flats side-by-side, which explains why the window fixtures are the same.

For those wondering about the legality of it all, the flat owner probably managed to get an approval by the HDB to install the fish tank.

Photo: HDB website screengrab
Photo: HDB website screengrab

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