WATCH: Angry Christian and Taoist face off in war of words attacking each other’s religion

An angry Christian lady is seen in a video fighting over a religious processing held by a Taoist group (Photo: Screenshot from SG Chinese Club video)

It’s 2018 and we really should not be fighting against one another over religious differences, but a video that is going viral Saturday (Dec 8) shows the uglier side of Singapore as a Christian lady and a Taoist are seen arguing over a religious processing.

In the video which has garnered more than 29,000 views as of press time, a middle-aged woman is seen confronting a group of Taoists who are involved in their own religious processing at a void deck of a public flat.

The video, uploaded by SG Chinese Club on Facebook, shows the group accusing her of “coming to us first” as she tries to assert that the group is reportedly “cursing her”.

The group then brings up “racism” as a way to accuse her of being intolerant to the religious processing that is happening at the void deck, although both the group and her are of the same race.

“Are you Singaporean?” said one member of the group in the video, asserting that tolerance should come from her understanding of Singapore’s stance on racial and religious harmony.

The video then turns to become a war of cameras as both sides whip out their phones to record the moment, in a classic turn of Singapore brawls that typically end up in a mass recording session.

“I’m not against human(s), but I’m against this,” retaliates the Christian woman, pointing at the religious processing happening at the void deck.

The lady accuses the Taoist group of “cursing her God” before the group counters by saying she reportedly did the same as well.

As she walks off, the middle-aged woman seems to not be done in her tirade and turns around, walking back asking if “it is correct” to worship in a public space.

The Taoist group retorts by saying that they have a license to run their religious processing in the void deck.

The video ends on a dramatic note when the Christian lady says “God, don’t let them go on to Jesus” before storming off.

While the video is certainly an uncomfortable discussion to see in a time where acceptance of different religions should take root, it is a clear reminder that there is still more to be done to foster true understanding and acceptance among each other.

Let’s hope we do not see more videos like this soon.

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