Visit Tekong: TikTok prankster transforms dull Singapore spots into stunning tourist attractions

Photo: TikTok/jforjpeg
Photo: TikTok/jforjpeg

What do Bukit Panjang, Tekong and Pasir Ris have in common? Well, they’re not exactly tourist attractions in Singapore. 

But TikTok user @jforjpeg has quite the imagination – and sick editing skills. 

In a video that starts with “Tekong is almost not worth the visit”, he shows off a different side of the island, including places like Tekong Delta River, Tekong Amazon, mini Niagara Falls and even a Tekong D’Safari where animals gather around the waterhole. 

@jforjpeg Replying to @babybreeze15 This is Tekong (the tekong we wished existed). #foryourpage #travel #goviral #foryou #fyp #sgtiktok #singapore #nature ♬ suono originale – Jr Stit

The prankster even included footage of the “boat ride to Tekong” which – of course – looked nothing like the actual ferry ride to the island. 

Many, mostly NSmen, caught on to the joke and commented with their own “good” memories of the place, while one joked that the video was propaganda by the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF). 

The Tekong video has racked up 285.4k views already and been liked by 25.1k users. 

The TikToker has also put up other too-good-to-be-true videos of places in Singapore like Pasir Ris and Bukit Panjang featuring never-been-seen-before (literally) attractions – check out the footage of “Bukit Timah Summit” and “Sungei Api Api”. 

So where does he get his footage from? 

It looks like @jforjpeg is an avid traveler and uses clips from his trips to Switzerland, Thailand and other places to “reimagine” Singapore. 

Looks like Singaporeans could do with more escapism. We’d definitely like to see more of our neighborhoods through these rose-tinted glasses. 

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