Viral Now: Bloody blog teaches you how to mistreat Filipinos in Singapore ‘legally’

A post uploaded on May 22 to a blog called Blood Stained Singapore is making its rounds. 

The seemingly anti-administration website titled the post “Filipino infestation in Singapore-5 point guide to showing displeasure without breaking the law” and included suggestions such as making condescending remarks to Filipino service staff and shoving them accidentally on purpose on public transport. Another point — highlighted by the writer as a “bonus” — brings up buying insecticide in a supermarket in the presence of a Filipino customer and suggesting it be used on them. 

A quick check on the content history of the website, which was established in January this year, shows Blood Stained Singapore distinctly aims at the local government and “bastards (both foreign and domestic)”. 

Photo: A poll on ‘Blood Stained Singapore’

In its very first post, the writer explains why the site has been named so: “Because it is stained by the blood of (abovementioned “bastards”) and useless politicians who have weakened/polluted/damaged (sic) our once strong nation, thus making SG a far less pleasant country to live in.”

“So we must name and shame them to purify our souls. Every single one of them. You have my word-we shall plug the hemorrhaging (sic). Let the cloting process commence,” the post finished. 

This malicious post on Blood Stained Singapore comes shortly after local activists came together to warn the government of surging xenophobia. Last month, plans to hold a Filipino Independence Day event in June were cancelled due to online vitriol

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