Video: Possible Toyol haunting in Chinatown bar

We’ll be honest — this clip certainly made a couple of strands of our hair stand on end. This CCTV footage uploaded recently on YouTube indicates a possibility of an imp haunting a bar in Chinatown.

Watch below as two patrons get startled when a bar stool suddenly falls on its own beside them. Even creepier is the fact that it had been swaying on its own accord, as if someone had been sitting and playing on it.

The part where you get the goose bumps is when a small humanoid figure of some sort manifests itself and darts behind the puzzled trio. Shiieeeeeet.

YouTube commenters deduce that the little running thing is a Toyol — an imp-like creature invoked by black magic using a dead human fetus. Their job? Cause mischief and steal money at their haunt for their invoker.

Real or Halloween gimmick — you decide. Whatever it is, we advise the bar owner to place needles or mirrors in their cash storage vault. Just to be safe.

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