Video: Man briefly goes insane on G-Max Reverse Bungy ride

Clarke Quay’s G-Max Reverse Bungy ride is perfectly harmless fun, but for this tough guy, the ride may have just unravelled the strings of his sanity as he finally witnessed the fragility of gravity, disintegrating his mind for a brief moment, strapped onto a cage of controlled chaos. 


Exuding extreme nonchalance before the might of physics, he assures his ride partner that the ride’s nothing more than a stroll in the park. The slingshot, however proves his undoing, as he tries to make sense of his encounter with dilated time and space while simultaneously trying to prevent his dinner from spilling out.

He instantly regrets going on the ride while impatiently demanding that he be returned to solid ground. Still registering what just happened, he is rendered silent, eternally hushed by the knowledge that gravity is a violent, uncaring quintessence. 

Tough guys do fare badly against the might of reverse bungee rides though. Here’s another one that happened in Boracay. Dude went out like a light. 


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