Video: Archie Luxury calls Singapore ‘pretentious’ and ‘nasty’ in obscene rant

Foulmouthed YouTube celebrity and luxury products expert Archie Luxury recently went on a tour around Asia — visiting cities in Thailand, Hong Kong and Singapore — and in typical Archie Luxury fashion, he fucking hates ‘em all. 

Going on a rant about Singapore’s overwhelming humidity, expensive non-bargainable prices  and his disappointment in Orchard Towers’ ‘four floors of whores’, Australian native Paul Pluta verbally obliterates any notions of a pleasant experience here. Apparently, Singapore is not considered Asia’s nastiest nation only because the Hong Kongese are worst “nasty cunts”. Nonetheless, he still calls Singaporeans “nasty, mean fuckers”.  

Whether he’s simply posing as a hilariously over-exaggerated caricature of affluence or just a genuinely obnoxious asshole, the NSFW Archie Luxury channel is still one of the most polarizing ones around, with equally extreme support and disdain for his videos. 

“It’s a fuckin’ amazing place, Singapore, to see… if you like nasty fuckers! Nasty fuckers who’re rude and insular!” Pluta exclaims in the video.

Photo: YouTube screenshot

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