Vicious bullies beat up student in St Hilda’s Secondary School classroom; adult does nothing to stop it

Photo: Video screengrab
Photo: Video screengrab

UPDATE: School taking disciplinary action over bullying incident; man in corner actually an intern

Being a teacher in Singapore ain’t easy, what with all the long work hours, heavy workloads, multitudes of responsibilities to juggle, and a frequently hostile working environment that has caused many to quit en masse.

Here’s an example of a “hostile working environment” that transpired at St Hilda’s Secondary School — two unruly boys beating up another student, wreaking havoc in a classroom. Logically, a teacher would take charge by breaking up the fight. Apparently, it seems like this teacher didn’t, and simply stood aside to let the bullies continue assaulting a boy.

Footage of the classroom chaos went viral on social media, with the main crux of online criticism thrown at the teacher-looking figure who simply watched the whole thing unfold instead of, you know, being the authoritative adult. Notice that it took another student to calm the abusive bullies down and steer them out of the classroom.

Not sure what the grown man was thinking, just standing meekly by the door.

As of writing, the Ministry of Education and St Hilda’s Secondary School have yet to issue a statement regarding the incident. Netizens had some ideas why the alleged teacher did nothing.

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