Uber-bigot: Woman gets rejected by Uber driver just for wearing a hijab

50 years since independence, and still Singapore has failed to cut down blatant racism — despite loud proclamations made by the powers that be that there is racial harmony here. It’s already 2015, and still there are instances such as these: 

Really makes you wonder, no? According to Qyshia’s friend, a certain Uber driver by the name of Kai Jin (who drives a black Mitsubishi Lancer) is the perpetrator of the discriminatory rejection. Yet another story to add to this important Tumblr page

Qyshia on her end, has taken it all in her stride. An update on her Facebook page assures everyone that she has indeed taken all the steps to report about the incident — writing in to Uber and the relevant authorities. 

In a rather gloomy outlook to reality here, she notes that even though her plight went viral, nothing much in society will change afterwards, and her story will — like all others of viral nature — be forgotten and discarded. ‘Tis sad, but true. 

“Uber does not tolerate any form of racial discrimination against riders or driver partners,” says a spokesperson for the transportation network company. “We’ve tried to get in touch multiple times through different channels to no avail”.

An internal investigation has also been launched following the incident. Qysha is advised to contact them at supportSingapore@uber.com as well.

Photos: Facebook

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