Toggle pulls down their condescending “fashion police” video due to overwhelming flak

Oh, how the tables quickly turned on this self-proclaimed ‘Fashion Influencer’, who found herself in the pit of massive public castigation after she decided it was okay to play fashion police in the streets of Singapore. 

Saffron Sharpe made the unwise decision to be the host of a Toggle video, in which she was tasked to look for fashion disasters in Orchard Road and be totes salty about them. And boy did she excel at her job; cringing, howling and groaning at passersby deemed unworthy in her fashion influenza influencer eyes. 

From the get-go, you can see why the video was pummelled by brickbats — Sharpe comes off as supremely vapid, disgustingly smug and horribly condescending as she wrecks others in their sense of fashion. If humour was the intention of the video, then it was sorely devoid of any laughs. 

It’s fitting that Sharpe referenced Mean Girls in one of her many aspersions, because guuurl, you’re totally channeling Regina George, and that’s not a compliment. 

The video ends with Sharpe showing off her own outfits, aka “This is how you do fashion right, losers”. If she’s cool with judging others on their apparel for yuks, then surely she’ll be fine with us offering our own critique, no? 

Nice dress, but it ain’t Dinner & Dance bashes every day, sister. 


Ugh, if there was a template for “Basic”, this would be the template for that template. Everything just shouts vanilla — it’s a wonder she didn’t fall asleep from boredom while putting the outfit on.


Crop top turtleneck AND dad jeans? What is this, a failed attempt at a sexy Steve Jobs halloween costume? 

In any case, the overwhelming amount of public hate and disgust on the video was bad enough that it prompted Toggle to pull it down, explaining that it was all part of a campaign for an upcoming programme. “It wasn’t intended as a serious judgement of the way any of us dress,” they wrote in an apologetic post. 

Sharpe herself offered her own apology, clarifying that it was all scripted — though it was no excuse for being a total Regina. 


EDIT: Admittedly, we do feel bad though for Saffron Sharpe, who had to become the target of public wrath, especially if she really was just spouting scripted lines. Plus, she did get thrown under the bus by Toggle. We doubt this’ll do anything to dent her “Fashion Influencer” career though. 

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