TikToker Machaspize gets beaten up by angry mom and her pals on Lavender Street

Photo by Stomp
Photo by Stomp

Get ready for a drama fit for a TikTok video, because things got heated near the junction of King George’s Avenue. Machaspize, the controversial TikToker also known as Gabriel Joachim Perumal, found himself on the receiving end of some serious girl power after several women decided to teach him a lesson.

Shoes flew, shorts dropped, and apologies were demanded as the women confronted Machaspize, who was shirtless and missing a shoe (which, conveniently, became a weapon in the hands of one of the ladies). Apparently, the ladies took issue with Machaspize posting a picture of one of the women’s six-year-old daughter, and they weren’t about to let him off the hook easily.

These women weren’t playing around. 

They even questioned Machaspize’s morality: “What your daughter do? My daughter just six years old. You post my daughter’s picture. Is that nice?”

Fortunately for Machaspize, a concerned bystander intervened and promised to make sure the TikToker filmed an apology video. After pulling up his shorts and walking away, he left the scene, hopefully with a newfound respect for the wrath of angry mothers.

Following inquiries from Stomp, the police have confirmed that a report has been filed in connection with the recent incident.

However, it turns out this wasn’t Machaspize’s first rodeo. 

He’s been accused of harassment, threats, and even making people slap themselves on TikTok live. A petition on Change.org even calls for his removal from the platform, citing his “misogynistic, racist, and sexist ideologies.”

“His degrading and harmful actions have disrupted the safety and security of the platform for users, all while pursuing his own social standing and personal brand promotion,” said the petition.

“He first came to prominence as a symbol of hope and positive change, sharing his weight loss journey and numerous accomplishments.

“However, this positive image has been disturbingly eclipsed by his transformation into a menacing figure, wielding his newfound fame to propagate misogynistic, racist, and sexist ideologies – predominantly targeting women.

“His continuous objectification and degradation of women are undeniable and increasingly alarming… As a result of his views, countless threats and police reports have been made against Machaspize.”

The petition has 277 signatures as of Dec. 11.

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