Techbro goes HAM into defending Highblood — his proudly elitist, racist dating app

Photo: Highblood / Facebook

Herbert Eng is having a no good, horrible, very bad week. Or maybe not — he might just be very happy his name’s popping up in the news, despite the very shitty reasons.

Eng is none other than the techbro who devised HighBlood, a local dating app that proudly proclaims it has “no banglas”, “no maids”, “no uglies”, “no fakes/bots”, and “no escorts”. We get the part about not having annoying fake-ass dating profiles, but being proud of banning migrant workers from registering is — objectively speaking — pure elitist, racist and classist tripe. So, not unlike super-exclusive dating app Ivory; but just shamelessly offensive and prejudiced.

Amidst the overwhelming flak that Eng and his app received, he had the chance to explain himself in an interview with Mashable Asia, but alas, he just came off as a fucking neckbeard. On why he didn’t bother to hide bigotry, Eng said that the app’s offensive marketing was meant to “violate norms regarding political correctness”.

“We are not racist because science has conclusively proven that genetically… there are no differences between the races.”

Oh yeah, he’s that kind of dude alright.

Eng actually had more to say (fauxlosophic neckbeards usually do) and Mashable obviously was wise enough not to include the rest of his provocative rants. But since he does have a right to reply, feel free to check out his wordy defence of HighBlood — of which he states to be “neutral custodians of objective facts”.

Ignore all the allegations of him failing law school and his failed app Fessup. To truly understand why Eng created such an elitist app, one only needs to go through his social media posts. It can be argued that he’s, er, kind of a bumptious creep.


Not to mention he’s a fan of ‘Shareworthy dating bios Singapore’ — a Facebook page dedicated to posting Tinder profiles of girls… that more than breaches their personal privacy.

Despite his creep status AND the blatantly discriminatory app, he might be doing well enough to be able to offer $3,000 a month for a full-time marketer willing to join him. Good luck to him, and may he learn the errors of his bro ways.

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