Someone went all out to adorn her HDB common corridor with ‘101 Dalmatians’ decor for CNY

Photo: All Singapore Stuff / Facebook
Photo: All Singapore Stuff / Facebook

Every Lunar New Year at a corridor of Block 131 along Bedok Reservoir Road, 57-year-old Linda Cheng makes it a point to bring some festive cheer to her surroundings. And she goes all. Out.

Photo: All Singapore Stuff / Facebook
Photo: All Singapore Stuff / Facebook

Seeming to have outdone herself this year, the lady went all out to celebrate the Year of the Dog, going with a 101 Dalmatians theme with stickers, plushies, and brightly-colored flowers to decorate the corridor. It would make sense if her whole floor were also celebrating Chinese New Year, but according to AsiaOne, many of Cheng’s neighbors are Malay. Regardless, the neighbors have been appreciating Cheng’s handiwork, and welcome the lively decorations they’ve now come to expect every year.

Photo: All Singapore Stuff / Facebook

The festive cheer doesn’t come cheap though — Cheng has spent about $700 to $800 this year alone for decorations. What keeps her going is the memory of her deceased father, who loved to see the yearly decorations, and the pure intention to share the happiness with everyone.

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