Someone made a helpful guide for those complaining about KFC’s lack of plastic straws

Photo: kosongice via HardwareZone

So many of us have been left adrift since all 84 KFC outlets across the country went straw-free nearly three weeks ago, in an effort to reduce plastic waste for the good of the environment.

But not knowing how to consume our beverages, we suffered from dry throats, lack of carbonation, and loss of hope while munching on some dusty salted egg fried chicken.

Those days are over. An anonymous (and hilarious) savior on the internet has rescued our civilization from the brink by teaching us an ancient custom once practiced by our ancestors. A long-forgotten art by modern peoples: drinking from an open cup.

A Hardware Zone forum member known as “kosongice” has crafted a visual step-by-step guide on how to drink without straws at any KFC outlets — or any other locations where straws aren’t available. The guide claims to ease the process for anyone who has never drunk from the rim of a cup by reducing the task to five easy steps. No wonder he’s a High Supremacy Member.

Here we go.

Step 1: Position your beverage in front of you, and within reach.
Step 2: Contort the palm of your master hand into a “C”-shape, ensuring no gaps between your index and last finger.
Step 3: Grab your drink, and secure by strengthening your grip and minimizing space between palm and cup.
Here’s another view.
Step 4: Bring the drink to the edge of your lips in a swift motion. Tip: Keep your hand as steady as possible to prevent spillage.
Step 5: Tilt cup slightly, allowing drink to flow naturally into the mouth. Enjoy.

We decided to test it out here at our Coconuts Singapore office to find out if this newfangled technique could be done outside of KFC as well.

Got it.
Did it.
And done!

While we have to admit the last step was the hardest part, we think with a little focus, and help from netizens like “kosongice”, we save a few straws and have a couple of laughs at the same time.

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