Singaporeans really liked Charlie Lim’s NDP song — enough to make it the top trending YouTube video of 2018

Video screengrab
Video screengrab

According to YouTube’s year-end analysis of Singapore’s video trends, we seem to be really, really patriotic people.

Or, it could just be a very well-done music video. The country’s number one trending video on YouTube this year is none other than Charlie Lim’s updated interpretation of the classic National Day tune from ’87, “We Are Singapore”. The fact that it has over 2 million views is not that surprising really — the singer-songwriter added some exceptional soul and modern polish to a nostalgic favorite with the help of fellow homegrown musical talents.

Speaking of which fellow Singaporean singer JJ Lin commanded a hefty amount of views when he performed on Chinese reality TV show Sound of My Dream, the video of which became the second-most trending video here this year.

After that, it’s all downhill. Because Singaporeans like their YouTube content to be basic, videos put out by the likes of Night Owl Cinematics, Jianhao Tan, and Naomi Neo trailed close behind. Undeservingly in the eighth spot (in a better world, it’d be trending way higher than frivolous content) was Channel NewsAsia’s intriguing look into Singapore’s only women’s prison.

Anyway, YouTube is happy to report that local YouTubers had their subscribers double in count, with a total of eight local channel having more than a million subscribers each. Showing that the tastes and preferences of kids very much rule YouTube, the platform highlighted the likes of a Fortnite movie channel and a toy review channel as rising creators. Alongside travel vlogging couple Titan & Gaius, cryptocurrency connoisseur Rock The Block Live, and Millennials of Singapore.

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