Singaporean tourist ignores warnings not to get too close to Komodo dragons, so of course he got bitten

Photo: Facebook; Pixabay
Photo: Facebook; Pixabay

This dude clearly didn’t get the memo (or learn from fables, folktales, myths and legends): Don’t ever fuck with dragons, man.

A Singaporean tourist was severely injured by a Komodo dragon in West Manggarai, Indonesia, yesterday morning after he ignored warnings from the locals not to get too close to the fearsome beasts. No shit, they’re called dragons for a reason.

Lon Lee Alle, 50, was in the East Nusa Tenggara district to visit the Komodo National Park, where he had been watching several of them feasting on pigs and goats, The Jakarta Post reports.

Despite the warnings, he crept in close to the reptiles to take pictures. A wee bit too close for comfort, it seems — because a Komodo dragon chomped down hard on Alle’s left leg.

“He must have been too close,” said the park’s head to The Jakarta Post. “A Komodo doesn’t like to be disturbed when eating.”

The park head added that this would be the first time in five years that a human was bitten by a Komodo dragon.

Alle escaped being turned into Komodo brunch when locals pulled the man away from the crowd of reptiles, and he was quickly rushed to a nearby medical center. A military speed boat later conveyed him to the Siloam General Hospital.

The incident itself took place away from the designated area where tourists are allowed to observe Komodos — Alle had been wandering around to see the dragons without an official guide in a bid to save costs. PSA: Don’t cheap out when it comes to hanging out with giant cannibalistic lizards with venomous bites.

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