Singaporean bloggers claim foul over missing $1k in Bali villa; but manager says they were difficult

Some Singaporean bloggers on holiday in Bali claim their vacation went south when about $1,000 in cash in various currencies went missing from the villa where they were staying. 

Doing what they do best, the bloggers took their beef with the villa to Facebook, naming and shaming Jimbaran Sea View Villa, and instructing their followers not to stay there. 

The three self-proclaimed influencers — Jayne Tham, Tricia Ong, and Lian Meiting — all angrily posted to Facebook about the alleged theft. 

According to them, they confronted the villa’s manager, who they identified as Arie Wartini, who was “blindly siding (with) her staffs.”  

They even wrote that Wartini threatened them: “She was also very quick to respond by asking us to claim insurance and threatened us that there is no point reporting police because she’s “good friends” with them and if we blow the matter up, we “may not be able to leave this country.”
The bloggers left the villa to stay in a hotel for their own safety and wrote that they tried three different police stations to make police reports but they “kept getting pushed around,” and were ultimately unable to make a report. 

New details however have cropped up, questioning the three bloggers’ motives in the whole shebang. Wartini herself published her side of the story on her Facebook page, complete with text messages allegedly received from the blogger trio. And boy, are they ugly. 

Furthermore, Wartini claims that the Singaporeans were unwilling to go to the police, even though she insisted that they had to investigate the crime. Apparently the bloggers did go to the police station later on to make a report, and the officers even offered to follow them back to the villa to carry out an investigation. The bloggers were said to have declined and later on the three posted their stories on their Facebook pages. 

Even if there were indeed some mismanagement on the side of the Jimbaran Seaview Villa, the girls seem to sound like pretty typical self-important bloggers — threatening to write negative reviews online and claiming boldly that “NO ONE WILL EVER COME VISIT YOUR VILLA”.

Little ladies, here’s some knowledge — you don’t have that kind of power. There really is not that much weight for so-called influencers’ inane self-centred musings. Whatever case the trio built against the villa, it looks like they’re not as faultless as they painted themselves to be. 

Text: Coconuts Bali / Coconuts Singapore

Photos: Arie Wartinie; Jayne Tham; Tricia Ong; Lian Meiting Facebook page


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