Singapore woman shares spooky sleepover in Pulau Ubin, warns visitors to ‘bring a tent’

Photo: TikTok/@hxyisabelle and Unsplash
Photo: TikTok/@hxyisabelle and Unsplash

Cute stray dogs that follow you around, abundant wildlife and untouched natural landscapes await you on Pulau Ubin. 

But according to TikTok user @Hxyisabelle, who went camping with some friends on the island, there is something ominous on the island too. 

The video started with her saying that she had been seeing a lot of people going camping on Pulau Ubin on her TikTok feed and then warned people to not camp on Pulau Ubin unless “you want to see some special shit”. 

She then shared her own overnight camping experience where she and some friends decided to camp in the open to look at the stars. This meant that none of them brought any tent or shelter. 

She described the spot where they set up camp to be surrounded by trees. 

“So we laid our groundsheets in a row, and we lit a campfire – and we went to sleep like that,” she continued.

@hxyisabelle at least bring a tent 🤡👌🏼 #pulauubin #sgghost #sgghostencounters #singapore #sgtiktok #scaryexperience ♬ Spooky, quiet, scary atmosphere piano songs – Skittlegirl Sound

Now, this is where it gets creepy. 

She woke up in the middle of the night feeling uneasy. Despite knowing that looking at the trees at night was going to be a bad idea, she said that they were already surrounded by trees and not having any overhead shelter meant that looking at the trees would be inevitable. 

“I looked around and saw a few figures – not just one or two but quite a few – sitting in the trees surrounding the campsite,” she said. 

Terrified, she tried to wake her then-boyfriend up but he told her to go back to sleep. She ended up crying herself to sleep. 

Later on, Belle said that she only chose to tell her friends about her experience when they were off the island, completely accepting that they would just tell her they slept well with no disturbances. 

Surprisingly, everyone in the group had a spooky encounter of their own, ranging from seeing a (just one) figure in the tree to seeing a figure sit across them in front of the campfire. Yikes.

Everyone in the comment section was also keen to share their own scary stories from Pulau Ubin. 

Someone shared a similar encounter – but on another island in Singapore. 

Will you have the guts to go open-air camping in Singapore – or just stick to comfortable, air-conditioned staycations in hotels?

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