Sakura city: Trumpet flowers and bougainvilleas in full bloom despite hazy weekend

Bougainvilleas (left) and white trumpet flowers (right) in East Coast Park. Photos: NParks/fb
Bougainvilleas (left) and white trumpet flowers (right) in East Coast Park. Photos: NParks/fb

It wasn’t a completely grey weekend when the haze reached unhealthy levels across Singapore on Saturday, as trumpets and bougainvillea flowers were also in full bloom, painting roadsides and parks in all shades of pink and white.

Photos and videos of trumpet flower showers have since made it to social media platforms, marking the start of the second “Singapore sakura” season, five months after the first one happened in April.

Judging by the photos, East Coast Park seems to be among the best spots for picture-taking.

During the so-called “sakura season”, flowers on trumpet trees, also known as Tabebuia rosea, will fall to the ground after they bloom, creating sceneries as beautiful as those during the cherry blossom season in Japan — sans the cool weather (and clean air).

According to NParks, the trumpet tree has always been known for its impressive flowering display, and its blossoming season usually takes place after the dry spell in April and August.

The trumpet flowers can retain their color for a number of days after they fall off the trees, NParks said. So it’s just a matter of days before the pink and white flowers carpeting our grounds turn brown.

Other than the trumpet flowers, some netizens also noticed other flowers looking extra vibrant over the weekend, especially the bougainvilleas lining the East Coast Expressway.

According to NParks’ Facebook post yesterday, plants such as the Tiger Orchid, Yellow Saraca, and Cat Claw Ivy are also in full bloom right now.


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