Singapore launches first smoking cabin that filters cigarette smoke into clean air

Stefen Choo, Director, Southern Globe Corporation launching Smoking Cabin SG. Photo: Joel Lim Photography
Stefen Choo, Director, Southern Globe Corporation launching Smoking Cabin SG. Photo: Joel Lim Photography

Singapore’s doing a lot to scrub secondhand smoke off its streets, first with designated smoking zones along Orchard Road that went official last month, and now with the launch of the country’s first smoking cabin outside Fusionopolis. But get this: It’s not simply a place for people to puff away. Smoking Cabin SG is actually billed as the first facility here to transform cigarette smoke into clean air.

This nifty invention is developed by Southern Globe Corporation (SGC), using the three-layer filtering system by Danish company Smoke Solution, which can apparently be seen in countries like Japan, Denmark, and Kuwait.

“I am a father of two and there are many occasions where my family has been inconvenienced by the presence of cigarette smoke,” SGC director Stefen Choo said in a press release today.

“I have always felt that there should be a better solution to contain cigarette smoke in Singapore. When I came across Smoke Solution’s Indoor Glass Cabins at an international trade show, I knew that I had to bring the technology to Singapore.”

Inside the cabin. Photo: Smoking Cabin SG
Inside the cabin. Photo: Joel Lim Photography

First tested out as a prototype outside Fusionopolis in early May, the air-conditioned quarters, which can fit up to 10 people at a time, have since been used by about 100 smokers each day, SGC claims.

So how does it work? The filtering system is fitted with automatic motion sensors, and its base is equipped with a centrifugal fan that draws in the cigarette smoke. Once in the system, the smoke passes through a Pre Filter to remove bigger dust particles, a HEPA Filter to get rid of small 0.3 micron particles (acting like an N95 mask), and an Activated Carbon Filter to extract odors and gases.

Even if you don’t live or work in the area, the firm has plans to deploy 60 such smoking cabins across the island by the end of the year.

“This technology has drastically transformed the issue of cigarette smoke worldwide. We are extremely excited to see what it can do for Singapore,” Choo said.

Oh, Singapore. Always going above and beyond to maintain your clean and green look.

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