Singapore disgusted by abusive son slapping ‘mummy’ clip but spreads the blame (Video)

A teen boy scolds and assaults a woman identifying herself as “mummy” in a still image from a video first posted to TikTok. Image: Rainbowcontent/Tiktok
A teen boy scolds and assaults a woman identifying herself as “mummy” in a still image from a video first posted to TikTok. Image: Rainbowcontent/Tiktok

A teen boy’s apparent assault of his own mother has roiled viewers since video of it spread over the weekend.

The three-minute security camera footage posted Saturday to Tik Tok has ignited fury for the behavior displayed by a teen boy who hurls insults and slaps a woman identifying herself as “mummy” as she struggles to put together a furniture item. He also retaliates when she refuses to give him money.

“The mother must report him and send him back to where he needs to be!!!! Its so painful to watch. I am glad all is caught on camera. He definitely needs help. And mom need to be stronger to seek help. Hope this can be a good lesson to mothers out there to seek help if need be if their kids act like [a] gangster,” Facebook user Sarina Rahman said.

The footage came from a home security camera and is timestamped 8pm on Tuesday. 

About two minutes in, the situation escalates as the boy is apparently unhappy with the way the furniture, some kind of storage container, is being placed. He slaps her really hard in the face before storming into what appears to be his room before returning seconds later to slap her again. While she pleads with him to be more respectful, he slaps her repeatedly in the face.

“You think I want to spend so much time, is it? No, I’m doing this for you. You still must appreciate, you know!” she can be heard saying in the video.

The video ends with the mother on the verge of tears screaming angrily for her son to slap her again, which he then does.

“I tell you how many times already,” the boy says sternly while pointing his finger at the woman’s face, followed by the mother replying with: “Then how you treat mummy?”

The Tik Tok profile where the video appeared, which mainly posts videos of hot guys, has since been deactivated. The video has been reuploaded elsewhere.

The boy wears what appears to be a Geylang Methodist Secondary School uniform in the video. The school has not replied to queries as of publication time. 

Angry comments flooded the Facebook post where the video was reshared. 

Update: Police seek Geylang Methodist student filmed assaulting his ‘mummy’

“I wish I had a mother like that so kind and patient. Little punk taking things for granted. Let’s make him famous. And it’s obvious she [encountered this] many times before[.] [H]e [slapped] her [and] she never even shout [in] pain or [is] shocked. Little punk,” user Ah Sam said.

Some found fault with the woman’s parenting skills and suggested she perpetrate her own abuse.

“Mother don’t want to teach when young, wanna blame who? Spare the rod, see lah now,” Elizalicia Lim wrote.

“The mother must stop him [and tell] him off in the very first act. This boy conscience is seared as he keeps doing it and [doesn’t] know this is totally unacceptable,” Evonne Goh said.

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