Singapore best (but not only) place to see post-Xmas solar eclipse

Darker bands indicate better viewing of the Dec. 26 annular solar eclipse. Graphic:
Darker bands indicate better viewing of the Dec. 26 annular solar eclipse. Graphic:

Singapore’s astronomy enthusiasts are preparing to feel the moon’s shadow on Dec. 26, when the next annular solar eclipse sweeps across Southeast Asia. 

Although it will be visible to different degrees throughout the region, Singapore sits in a privileged position to see it best, and six viewing events are set to take place across the island. 

The celestial event there is expected to start at 11:27am and go on for about three hours, reaching maximum effect at about 1:20pm. 

An annular solar eclipse happens when the Moon covers the Sun’s center, leaving the Sun’s visible outer edges to form a ‘ring of fire’ or annulus around the Moon,” the Science Center wrote on its website. The center is hosting a viewing event at its Ecogarden from 11am to 3pm.

Other places open to the public are Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park, the Kebun Baru Spring Amphitheatre, Hong Lim Park, Marina Barrage and Jurong Lake Gardens. If you can’t get to these places, fret not, the eclipse will be visible from anywhere in Singapore, but less dramatically the further north one travels.

Viewers outside Singapore can refer to a detailed map of its path. To the north, Bangkok won’t perceive much effect, while portions of Malaysia, Indonesia and the southernmost Philippines will still get a show.

The annular solar eclipse is different from a total solar eclipse in that the moon appears smaller and further away from the Earth. During a total solar eclipse, the moon appears larger and closer to Earth, covering the entire disk of the sun. 

According to, this will be the third and final solar eclipse of 2019.

Planning to catch the eclipse? Don’t forget to protect your eyes with solar glasses. Don’t ever look at the sun, in case that needs repeating.

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File photo of solar eclipse. Photo: Jongsun Lee
File photo of solar eclipse. Photo: Jongsun Lee
Map of eclipse path. Photo:
Map of eclipse path. Photo:

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