Shiny new additions to Sentosa’s beaches are meant to solve your sunscreen woes

The No Fry Zone kiosk when it lights up at night. (Photo: Instagram/@nofryzonesss)
The No Fry Zone kiosk when it lights up at night. (Photo: Instagram/@nofryzonesss)

Tired of having to take an entire bottle of sunscreen with you to the beach? The endless effort of lugging a 180-milliliter container in your bag? Fear not, Singaporeans, your salvation is at hand.

Forty-year-old entrepreneur Dennis Soon has solved the (decidedly first world) problem by creating new sunscreen lotion-dispensing kiosks that have popped up on Sentosa Island’s Tanjong and Siloso beaches.

A view of the No Fry Zone kiosk in the day. (Photo: No Fry Zone)
A view of the No Fry Zone kiosk in the day. (Photo: No Fry Zone)

This being Singapore, you can forget some plain ol’ looking tap. Instead, Soon’s Instagram-worthy sunscreen kiosk goes for a Gardens by the Bay vibe. (It even lights up at night!)

Dubbed the No Fry Zone kiosk, the design consists of a roof made up of three solar panels with LED lights around it.

Inspired by the design of the Giant Super Trees at Gardens by the Bay, each kiosk is divided into four sections — one for payment and the other three for the dispensers. There’s a big enough space in each shaded(!) section for you to have some privacy as you slather the lotion on your bodies.

It costs about S$3 for 15ml of lotion and about S$5 for 30ml, which is cheaper than buying a tube of Banana Boat’s 90ml sunscreen lotion, which costs around S$15. Payments can be made through AliPay, Apple Pay and MasterCard’s Pay Pass.

Not sure how much lotion is enough for you? According to the No Fry Zone website, 15ml would suffice for one exposed limb while 30ml would be enough for the whole body. Good to know.

The patent rights to the design and concept of the No Fry Zone kiosk is owned by the Invention Science Fund, which is the startup arm of American patent-licensing firm Intellectual Ventures (IV). Three of the six members in No Fry Zone’s creative team also work for IV.

This is ISF’s second Singaporean venture, following the launch of a 3D-printing startup.

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