Sharply-dressed man gets into fistfight with teenager on MRT train; both get arrested

Video screengrabs
Video screengrabs

It’s the battle of classes, people. In one corner, a tall man in a slim blue suit. In the other, a stocky teen wearing what appears to be an Institute of Technical Education (ITE) t-shirt.

No matter who won, everyone lost. The fistfight between them onboard an MRT train along the East-West Line ended with both aggro alphas getting arrested by the cops, while commuters had their travel time seriously delayed. Just watch it all unfold below in this clip that went viral on social media last night.

The pretty lame boxing match apparently took place yesterday morning — a fight that prompted a passenger to press the emergency button when the train was close to Raffles Place MRT Station. As the two duked it out (with the suited man weathering the punches), innocent bystanders backed away from the commotion and simply watched, with one person demanding that they stop the nonsense. The skirmish did stop, but the two continued to exchange terse words with each other in Malay, with the suited man calling his retreating foe a dickhead.

The police confirmed to the media that officers were alerted to the case of affray at 10:48am yesterday, which ended with the arrest of a 25-year-old man and a 16-year-old boy. The Straits Times reported that the dust-up was apparently sparked by a staring incident on the train.

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