Telegram group with 40K+ members outed for sharing nudes of Singaporean women

At left, screenshot of the SG Nasi Lemak Telegram channel. At right, a photo showing a screenshot of images and videos being shared in the channel. @sajidvhh/@darcelanastasia via Twitter.
At left, screenshot of the SG Nasi Lemak Telegram channel. At right, a photo showing a screenshot of images and videos being shared in the channel. @sajidvhh/@darcelanastasia via Twitter.

A Telegram chat group with more than 40,000 members was widely criticized online today for circulating pornographic materials including photos of young women shared without their permission. 

At least one accuser said she filed a police report yesterday as Singaporeans including singer Sezairi Sezali and social media personality Dee Kosh slammed the invite-only SG Nasi Lemak group. 

Replying to a tweet by Dee Kosh, user @Eliciayeoxq said she filed a police report yesterday. The police said they are unable to provide further information as the case is “classified as confidential” after Coconuts Singapore called and emailed to inquire about it.

It is not clear when the channel was created, but some people said that it has been around for months. Whereas it seems inaccessible to iOS users, those with Android phones still seem able to access it.

@Sajidvhhh posted a Twitter thread on Monday sharing photos and videos, including nudes, taken from the group. @Sajidvhhh, who also posted video clips purporting to show members of the group, covered the faces of the women.

Some have speculated that some of the girls may be minors.

Other women took to Twitter yesterday to speak out against the channel, with user @Philophobicunt saying that knowing her photos were in the group had given her a “hell of a year.”

“This group has been on for months and possibly a year, but it didn’t get the attention of the public much, until only recently,” she said. 

Twitter user @Mtfknmel shared in a tweet a screenshot someone had sent of her photos shared in the group.

“I didn’t post about the SG Nasi Lemak shit for attention but to create awareness for other girls out there too,” she said in another tweet. 

More screenshots of the Telegram chat in question also showed members of the group being confronted over their “disgusting” act.

One member defended the channel, calling out to those afraid of their private photos being leaked to “deactivate all your social media,” “do not post any sexy photos,” and to stop filming “your sex fantasy or send your nudes to your most wonderful [boyfriends].”

Nudes are not the only content the group traffics in, it seems. Some purported screenshots appeared to show members looking to trade info on illicit activities such as buying contraband like vaping pens.

Such invite-only chats on Telegram, where members go to ogle young Singaporean women, are sadly not new. In June, a woman filed a police report against Telegram channel SG Telebabes, which had more than 2,000 members, after a friend said her photos were being shared in it, AsiaOne reported.

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