A serial vomiter has been puking on the reg at the upscale Pinnacle@Duxton estate

Photo: Metro Centric / Flickr
Photo: Metro Centric / Flickr

Seeing a pool of puke around your residential estate would be enough to ruin your day, but at least it’s relatively expected, thanks to home-bound young’uns who party way too hard.

But the residents at Pinnacle@Duxton’s Block 1C have a whole ‘other level of revolting (and downright strange) situation to handle — piles of vomit at random places at the car park and the common area, as many as three to four times a week. The case of the serial vomiter at the Tanjong Pagar estate has gotten so bad that even the town council had to step in a few months ago with posters that say, y’know, don’t hurl the contents of your stomach in public.

According to Channel NewsAsia, the Tanjong Pagar town council received a complaint last year about the recurring problem of vomiting at the common area of that one particular block. With residents repeatedly seeing and smelling the puke as often as four times a week, one can’t help but wonder if it’s even biologically possible for a single person to do all that.

The alternative theory would be worse — a cult that requires its members to throw up chunder on the reg, and only at Block 1C.

“Town Council put up the poster as an educational tool to deter this anti-social behavior as well as to seek residents’ assistance to contact the Town Council if they know who had committed this act,” said the town council’s vice-chairman in a typical politically correct tone to CNA.

Though the town council noted that the repeated regurgitations have since ended, the posters remain at the block’s main lobby as of yesterday, according to CNA reporters who visited the award-winning 50-storey development.

Luckily, they managed to speak to the person most affected by the serial vomiting: the estate’s cleaner. “Now it’s better. That time, three weekends in a row I saw vomit at the car park, near the letterbox,” he said.

Guess we’ll never know who was behind the vomitus, or why and even how the nauseating incidents transpired.

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