Serangoon resident claims to be victim of anti-Hindu vandalism for past few weeks

Photos: Vishnupriya Naidu / Facebook

Claiming to have faced inaction by the authorities despite lodging complaints several times, a man has taken to Facebook to express his distress in experiencing anti-Hindu sentiments outside his own house.

According to a post by Vishnupriya Naidu, both he and his neighbor have been subjected to “a series of mischiefs” involving vandalism targeting their religious beliefs. One image shared by the man showed a framed picture of Hindu deity Ganesh (presumably hung on a wall outside an HDB unit) tarnished with black marker. Other images showed graffiti being drawn on the walls, including one that said “Was up bitches!” and another appalling message scrawled below a unit’s doorbell.

Photo: Vishnupriya Naidu / Facebook
Photo: Vishnupriya Naidu / Facebook
Photo: Vishnupriya Naidu / Facebook
Photo: Vishnupriya Naidu / Facebook

Vishnupriya also took issue with the alleged apathy shown by the police — he claims that the matter has yet to be resolved even after contacting Serangoon Neighborhood Police Post several times.

“We live in a place where racial differences are not just tolerated but welcomed and appreciated,” he wrote. “So this is extremely disappointing and I sincerely hope that by making this post public, you will take this case more seriously.”

No doubt, the police are taking such seditious acts seriously — any act violating racial and religious harmony in Singapore is considered a serious crime. Anyone found guilty of committing an act prejudicial to the maintenance of harmony between different religious or racial groups and disturb public tranquility can be sentenced to three years in jail and/or a fine.

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