Scoot becomes first brand to go savage on disgraced influencer Daryl Aiden Yow after exposé

Photo: FlyScoot / Facebook
Photo: FlyScoot / Facebook

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Well played, Scoot, well played. Barely hours since Mothership decimated the reputation of popular career Instagram photographer Daryl Aiden Yow, the budget airline has jumped on the chance to add some salt to his wound while also promoting a flight ticket sale.

Yow’s fall from grace kicked off this morning when four Mothership reporters dissected his acclaimed shots and found that a lot of his posts (even the sponsored ones) on Instagram can actually be found on other sites. The article was careful not to outrightly state that the influencer with over 100,000 followers stole some pictures and claimed it for his own, but the fact that Yow has since deleted incriminating photos from his page shows that he must be feeling the heat.

One particular post that has been taken down is a pretty hilarious doctored (allegedly) photo of himself inserted into a stock image of a street in Mykonos, Greece. Sony Singapore must be righteously mad right now that he promoted their A7Rii camera in a ‘shopped photo.

Screengrabs by Mothership

Scoot quickly jumped on the opportunity to go savage. “Why do Adobe Photoshop when you could be there for real?” the post noted, before providing a link to the sale of flight tickets to Athens.

We don’t know what Yow must be feeling in the wake of the exposé but it’s probably best that he find himself a decently-sized rock to crawl under right now. After all, people sure are having fun in the comments section of his Instagram page right now.

Photo: Screengrabs from @darylaiden Instagram page

Alas, Yow doesn’t seem to be fazed about the exposé, according to an interview with Must Share News. Due to release an official statement on Instagram shortly, he has clarified that his clients are aware that stock photos are used for his posts, and he never claims to have taken the shots. The absence of photo credits are apparently due to having purchased the stock images, which will not require any attribution post-purchase.

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