Racist insult hurled after man accidentally bumps into bus passenger, but he keeps calm in the midst of aggression

Screengrabs from video
Screengrabs from video

Keep calm and carry on must be the mantra of a young man involved in the latest viral argument on public transport, which involved hurled racial insults, threats to fight, and a bus load of aggression.

Here’s what reportedly went down, according to the video-taker and his clip that’s now circulating online.

Apparently, the incident started when a young Malay man accidentally bumped into a Chinese man while climbing the steps up to the upper deck of bus 190. He offered his apologies, but the other party refused to accept them and instead turned hostile, with multiple remarks of “shit Malay”.

So another Malay man donning a cap came over to confront the aggro individual and defend the young dude, only to face a retort of “I only refer to him specifically” and a claim that he did not insult “all Malays”. As the situation escalated, the Chinese man threatened to take the fight outside, so the youngster, completely composed, stood up in an attempt to cool things down.

A little while after the video cuts off, the camera holder claimed that the young Malay man apologized again, only to receive more verbal abuse in return.

Watch the quarrel go down in the clip below.

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