Pray the Gay Away: Heavy rain and other misfortune invoked to disrupt Pink Dot 2015

As the anticipation heats up for Pink Dot to return to Hong Lim Park this June, the din of those opposed to the rally gets louder and frankly, pretty ridiculous too. 

The country’s biggest annual rally to celebrate the freedom to love — regardless of sexual orientations and gender identity — is set to take place on June 13, but not all would like to see LGBTQ rights so firmly established in Singapore. This particular individual has even called out for onslaught of prayers to bring down holy rain and other wrathful annoyances to impede the ongoings of Pink Dot 2015. Check out this little invocation that was posted on the ‘We are against Pinkdot in Singapore’ Facebook group

Honestly, she sounds so sincere and wholehearted in her plea that it’s almost cute, aside from the blatant homophobia and intolerance. 

Rain or shine, Pink Dot 2015 will probably break records in attendance as it does every year — last year’s rally saw 26,000 supporters coming out in droves to Hong Lim Park. This year’s event looks to welcome even more with local celebrities Daren Tan and Patricia Mok as well as YouTube stars Munah & Hirzi as ambassadors. 

Photo: Shawn Danker

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