PM Lee posts about Father’s Day, makes no mention at all about the family feud revolving around his own dad

Lee Kuan Yew, at the opening of Queenstown Polyclinic, with his daughter, Lee Wei Ling and son, Lee Hsien Loong in 1960. Photo: My Queenstown / Facebook

The calm before the storm, probably? It’s Father’s Day today, and Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong took the time off his busy Sunday to send some well wishes to all dads and dads-to-be. It’s like he wasn’t embattled by any public family feud revolving around the Final Will of his own dad!

Nope, no mention, no reference, no sly comment about the well-publicized dispute with his two siblings, who’ve accused him of misusing his power to establish some sort of family dynasty with their late father’s home at 38 Oxley Road. After all, their dad wasn’t just any random patriarch — Lee Kuan Yew is considered the founding father of modern Singapore itself.

“In their own special ways, fathers impart advice to help us make life decisions and learn values that steer us along the right path,” PM Lee wrote, which is probably the closest thing to a reference about the familial conflict. He had harsher words for his siblings of course in his first rebuttal against their allegations when he said that their statement “has hurt our father’s legacy”.

PM Lee just returned home from Adelaide yesterday by the way, where he had been spending some time off in a holiday — a trip marred by the very public denunciation made by Lee Hsien Yang and Dr Lee Wei Ling, of course. “Back to work on Monday,” he writes, possibly foretelling the supreme backlash he might have in store for his familial opponents.

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