Passed! Amended Tobacco Bill to take effect next year

The latest version of the Tobacco (Control of Advertisements and Sale) Bill was passed in Parliament today and it is expected to literally blow away the nicotine delivery industry for good when it is implemented after a year.

The Tobacco Act — in place since 1993 and last revised in 2011— bans advertisements, promotions and sponsorships relating to tobacco products and their use.

Under the changes, commercial establishments will be required to keep tobacco products hidden from view in storage areas so they won’t be visible to non-smokers, especially the youth. When a customer asks for the price of a tobacco product, the seller may present a text-only version, without the brand’s packaging or logo. 

The amended Tobacco Bill also prevents Singapore companies from creating tobacco advertisements even if it is meant for audience outside the country. It also expands terms of the ban on e-cigarettes. 

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