Outraged McDonald’s patron just realized that Filet-O-Fish burgers come with only a half slice of cheese

Photo: Facebook
Photo: Facebook

The debate over McDonald’s decision to limit its cheese portions (like their very lives depended on not letting people having an extra inch of it) existed way before the recent hullaballoo over their bacon-cheese fries.

We’re talking of course about the half-o-slice of cheddar cheese in their Filet-O-Fish. Though clearly a crafty way to cut costs, the ailing fast-food giant came up with a crafty explanation about why they serve only half-portions.

Photo: Screengrab from yourquestions.mcdonalds.ca

Anyway, we just wanted to show you this Facebook post made by an exceptionally angry customer whose new year’s day was ruined by his Filet-O-Fish order. Only now realizing that the burgers come with a paltry slice of cheddar (even though it’s been that way since the ‘90s), he took to the All Singapore Stuff Facebook page to rage against McDonald’s Singapore for its sins against caseous contentment.

It’s unclear if those sliced up bits of burger spotted at the bottom-left of the image are related to his cheese-related outrage. Or worse — he could have been feeding junk food to his pet dog.

Netizens quickly (and harshly) pointed out that this is in no way a new development.

Others were more concerned about the contents of that metal bowl.

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  1. I was a manager at McDonald’s in the 80’s and we put a WHOLE slice of cheese on the Filet-O-Fish and we did not serve a double. This has NOT been the way McDonald’s has always served the Filet-O-Fish. McDonald’s says they only give a half of a slice to f cheese because a whole slice makes the taste different. That’s bull shit, they do it to save money. In a blind taste test no one would object to the whole slice of cheese.

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