Oh nothing, just 2 monkeys having a quickie on the freshly washed windshield of a car

Photos: District Singapore/Facebook
Photos: District Singapore/Facebook

Having a slow Thursday before the long weekend? Perhaps you’d rather be monkeying around, idling the hours away. Not for these two primates, though. Feeling frisky, they had no qualms going to pound town in front of an audience.

In a clip that’s been circulating social media, one driver got a free live show when two monkeys clamored onto his/her car’s freshly washed windshield and started doing the dirty.

It didn’t last long — the quickie was over in seconds — but the lingering effects of the exhibitionist act spilled over onto the newly cleaned screen, so we’re pretty sure the driver went for round two in the car wash. At least we would.

Watch the monkeys get busy below, or avert your eyes if you’d like to keep ’em pure.

What an afternoon delight.

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