Neighbor nightmares: Housewife reportedly chased away 6 families from her block in 2 years

Photo: Unsplash
Photo: Unsplash

Your home is your sanctuary — that is, until a problematic neighbor moves in and shatters the peace. Over the past two years, six households on the same floor in a Punggol Housing Development Board (HDB) flat endured nightmarish antics from one middle-aged woman and moved out when they couldn’t take it any longer.

The 51-year-old housewife, nicknamed the “neighbor from hell” by local media, is said to have splattered oil at their doors, blared unnecessarily loud music, stomped on floors, and even allegedly planted a bloody pig’s ear on one neighbor’s shoe rack.

According to a report by The Straits Times, many residents living in the Punggol block lodged police reports. But for six households, the last straw came when they found out her actions were non-arrestable without an arrest warrant issued by the magistrate court, and so they vacated the premises. The last family packed up and left in November last year, and it seems the new occupant has already reported the ongoing situation to the authorities.

However, speaking to the Lianhe Wanbao on Sunday (June 23), the woman refuted these claims and accused her neighbors of conspiring against her. She also told the publication she had intended to move out in 2018 but ended up staying because she couldn’t get a good quote for her flat.

When asked about her neighbors’ accusations, the housewife vehemently denied these claims and said that her closed-circuit television footage showed her neighbors pointing the middle finger and making other unsolicited vile gestures at her from 2015 to 2018. She recalled a time when a neighbor threw away her flower pot without permission, only to reportedly reply flippantly when confronted by her.

In the same interview, she also denied having anything to do with the oil or the pig’s ear incidents.

I don’t even dare to touch a pig’s ear, how could I have possibly placed it there?” she said.

The woman added that she had installed a piece of noise-cancelling plastic on her front door, and with the amount of force she needed to move her door, this could have been a cause of misunderstanding between her and her neighbors.

When presented with video evidence of her deeds making the rounds online, she said that they had been edited.

In response to this hellish account, some netizens advised the troubled residents to take the issue up with the town council, while others shared their own experiences with difficult neighbors and told the flat owners to just move out if they had already exhausted all their other options.

Screengrab: Reddit
Screengrab: Reddit
Screengrab: Reddit
Screengrab: Reddit


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