Nas Daily’s moving to Singapore in April, and not everyone’s happy about it

Photos: @nasdaily; screengrab
Photos: @nasdaily; screengrab

After years of traveling around the world, Nas Daily and his crew are settling down for good in Singapore. And not everyone’s keen on the idea.

The popular Facebook vlogger made good on his promise to post a minute-long video daily about his travels around the world and marked the end of the journey he started in 2016 a few months ago. It didn’t, however, mark the end of his video career (one wouldn’t, especially after amassing millions of followers worldwide) and the 26-year-old announced that he would be launching his own media company. The Palestinian-Israeli, whose real name is Nuseir Yassin, started the Nas Daily Media Company to put out weekly videos in longer formats, but still containing that relentlessly dramatic rhetoric and maddeningly happy vibes.

Seven months since he visited Singapore and repeatedly sung praises about the country, the vlogger and his girlfriend (also a sort of social media influencer) Alyne Tamir declared that they’ll be moving the company to our shores next month.

“There are many reasons why I chose Singapore over other places,” Nuseir wrote on Instagram. “But mainly due to my belief that this part of Asia might be the new America,” he said, adding that Singapore is the perfect environment to build up his company. He mentioned that he could be staying here for “two years or twenty”.

Alyne expressed the same, praising Singapore’s airport and the lack of traffic congestion. “Singapore is the hub of Asia, and arguably a major hub of the world,” the American-Israeli video maker wrote in an Instagram post.


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It’s official: we are moving to Singapore! After 3 years straight of traveling, living in one place for 2 months has been AMAZING. No packing and unpacking. I can own liquids larger than 100 ml 😂, I have a laundry machine, I can cook at home, and I even had time to make FRIENDS! And now I get to do all this – in Singapore 😍 Singapore is the hub of Asia, and arguably a major hub of the world. That’s why @nasdaily is moving us, and his company there. STRATEGY MIS AMIGOS. Their airport is insane (it has a movie theatre and a butterfly garden), there’s almost no traffic (a blessing for an LA girl) and the people are amazingly nice (and smart!). We could be there two months or two years, but no matter how long it is it’s going to be SICK! See you soon, SINGAPORE!

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Petitioning again

Many Singaporeans, being the typically dismissive grumps they are, did not like Nuseir even as he brought up the positive aspects of their country in his videos. The vlogger was accused of being a paid shill of the government and the Singapore Tourism Board — so much so that he had to put out a video to defend himself.

Now that he’s moving here for good, some folks are mad enough to launch a (wait for it) petition against Nuseir from returning to the country.

“Due to the fact that his videos do contain stereotypical and also brainwashing elements and subliminal messages, we therefore wish to not have him here in Singapore to make matters worse,” wrote Azman Samsudin in the petition he created on He does have supporters, but not a lot — 96 signatures as of writing. screengrab screengrab screengrab screengrab

While petitions have worked for other questionable protests, it’s not likely that this one will ever do anything. After all, the prime minister of the country is a fan of Nas Daily, and even put aside some time to take a stroll with the vlogger at Gardens By the Bay.

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