Mother of undergrad Monica Baey filmed in campus shower speaks up: Trust in university ‘is now broken’

(Photo: Facebook and National University of Singapore)
(Photo: Facebook and National University of Singapore)

The mother of an undergraduate who was filmed in the campus shower by a perv has spoken up about the incident, claiming her trust in her daughter’s university is now broken.

Mary Baey, the mother of third-year communications undergraduate Monica Baey, released a comment on Facebook about the incident commending her daughter for speaking up and criticizing the sanctions that National University of Singapore (NUS) gave the perv as “completely unacceptable”.

The comment

In a Facebook comment on Saturday, Mary said that she was shocked when she learned about the incident from her daughter and slammed the 12-month conditional stern warning that the police gave the perv as “completely ridiculous”.

“The police are giving him a slap on his hand and say don’t do it again within 12 months,” she said. “How can we know this is not going to happen again and how can there be no serious consequences for such actions?”

She also blasted NUS’ decision to let the perv go off the hook “so lightly with an absurd and pathetic apology and a suspension of a semester.”

“He will be back to NUS as per normal with no consequences… this is completely unacceptable,” she added.

Mary had some choice words for the university as she trusted the campus to be a safe haven for students from potential sexual harassers.

“How can we place our trust in NUS, a national and international institution?” she said. “This trust is now broken.”

She also commended her daughter’s bravery in going public with the incident on her Instagram account and that she is “very proud of her”.

In a final note, she stood by the family’s decision to be behind Monica: “Mum & Dad will be there to support you and you have been courageous in speaking out on this matter”.

Read the full statement below:

(Photo: Facebook screengrab)
(Photo: Facebook screengrab)

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