Model-actress Melissa Faith Yeo comes forward with two stories of Eden Ang’s alleged misconduct

Photos: Facebook
Photos: Facebook

Just when we thought we’d heard the last of the Eden Ang saga, local model-actress Melissa Faith Yeo has stepped out with even more stories revolving around the embattled YouTuber’s alleged sexual harassment.

But maybe they’re not stories of sexual harassment, as the Mediacorp regular put it, but rather “just a tasteless guy lacking game,” Yeo said, backing up her claims with screenshots of an alleged exchange that cast Ang as a pathetically thirsty lad.

Here’s everything you need to know about the scandal so far. TL;DR — 31-year-old local actor, YouTuber, and singer Eden Ang is accused of acting inappropriately with his 18-year-old personal assistant. His behavior allegedly included sending lewd messages, making her strip down to her undies, and spanking her ass.

Nearly a week after the scandal emerged, a girl who identified herself as Lilith went on her Instagram account to claim that she was Ang’s victim, and to confirm all the aspersions cast on her former employer as true. Former national gymnast Nicolette Lim then stepped forward with her own story about Ang, who apparently sent her lewd messages that commented on her pubic hair and underwear.

“Ok, enough is enough,” Yeo kicked off her Facebook rant about Ang on Saturday night. Offering her own thoughts about the YouTuber when he was a relatively new actor in 2013, she said that she knew he had an “extremely fake” online persona that painted him as an optimistic God-loving individual. It was all a facade, it seems, because Yeo claimed that Ang sent her some pretty cringe-worthy messages that rudely demanded she give him some intimate attention.


Er, stay classy?

A year later, Ang’s alleged lechery emerged again within Yeo’s network. According to her friend, the YouTuber had met up with her in New York (the dude was in the city on a government grant, no less) to talk about the industry over a meal. If you’re familiar with Ang’s alleged misconduct, you know where this is going.

  • Yeo’s friend had a place in Manhattan. Ang asked if she could use her bathroom.
  • The lady sat on her sofa while waiting for him. He came out, joined her on the sofa and allegedly put his hand up her skirt.
  • Horrified, she jumped up and said that they should be getting back to the café for the meal.
  • While getting food, Ang allegedly bragged that teenage girls would come up to him to ask if they could lose their virginity to him. He even asked the girl why she wouldn’t sleep with him.
  • A few days later, he apparently sent her text messages that accused her of being “spoilt” for not having sex with him.

According to Yeo’s unnamed friend, she didn’t dare to go public about the incident because she was afraid that people wouldn’t believe her accusations of a popular YouTuber, and that she would only be accused of being a “famewhore.”

Yeo also expressed her admiration for Lilith and Nicolette for stepping forward and enduring such labels from the public.

“I admire you girls for speaking up and standing your ground! It’s not easy dealing with idiots who slut-shame and label you as ‘famewhores’, I know. It takes a lot of courage, and for that, I thank you, as I’m sure other victims (girls and boys) will be inspired to come forward as well.”

Yeo also called upon her fellow figures in the media industry to speak up instead of being “a part of this shame”.

Since the allegations against him surfaced, Ang has been laying low on social media, with his last public statement about the matter saying that he’s leaving it to the police to investigate. No new uploads on Instagram and YouTube though, which is probably for the best for everyone — one less clout-hungry local influencer who puts out basic AF content. Someone apparently saw Ang looking pretty “drained” at Holland Village too.


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