Meet Singapore’s most reviled well-dressed men — The Pride

It all started with a video on the SPH Razor channel, pompously titled “How to be a gentleman”.

Instead of including tips on how to properly treat a lady or how to carry oneself with dignity, the clip focused on a group of extremely vain male Singaporeans, all of whom seem to prefer donning impractically dapper attire over comfort in this equatorial climate.

These bunch of bros turn out to be The Pride, a new movement that claims to champion refined dressing and behaviour in men. Despite being dressed to the fucking nines, these gallant-looking men somehow insist that being a “gentleman” is not all about dressing up — it’s about how one treats others and “how you live your everyday life”. 

They detest being superficial, they remarked as they preen their undercut hairstyles and brush some dust off their lavish suits. 

Obviously, non-gentlemen (as well as everyone else who lack the spare change to purchase bespoke attire and $100 cufflinks) are less than impressed by the collective who seem to exhibit both refreshingly elitist vibes and an ignorance to the realities of Singaporean climate at the same time. 

The maxim of ‘manners maketh man’ gets thrown a lot in the hundreds of caustic comments lodged against The Pride, and that’s just the most polite slander. “A new breed of assholes”, “pretentious prick”, “try hards”, “dumb”, “preening poseurs”, and “hypocritical vain empty pots” are just a few of the phrases used to describe the collective, and that seems to be the overwhelming sentiment

According to The Straits Times however, they are undeterred by critics and will continue in their crusade to make Singapore a better-looking place, one blind stitch at a time. Their journey towards ignoring the poverty line marches on in their Instagram account @thepridesg — expect to see the influencer collective in all their peacocking glory at lifestyle events and any other places with pretentious whiffs.  

“Indeed, anyone can be part of The Gentleman’s Pride movement by using the hashtag #thegentlemanspride on Instagram photos that exemplify a gentleman’s lifestyle,” they noted, which simply begs trolls to come forth and parody their modern gentlemanly ways. 

Photos: Ensof Photography; @thepridesg Instagram screengrab

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