McDonald’s assure that wriggling McRat that fell from ceiling at Ang Mo Kio outlet has been removed

Video screengrabs via @MellysaLatiff
Video screengrabs via @MellysaLatiff

Nope, definitely not an Extra Value Meal. One McDonald’s patron had the icky experience of seeing a wee rat falling from the ceiling and right into a bunch of french fries.

Yesterday, Twitter user @MellysaLatiff uploaded a video of the live McRat wriggling around on a table at the fast food chain’s outlet at Ang Mo Kio Central. The rodent didn’t seem to be in a hurry to scurry away though, and another customer (the dude in red) had the appropriate reaction of looking around to see if anyone else was seeing what he was seeing.

Responding to media queries, a McDonald’s spokesman assured that the rat has since been removed by an external pest control agency. A thorough inspection of the restaurant was also conducted, with the spokesman noting that the last routine check on Aug 30 found no irregularities.

Not that we’re saying that vermin is a regularly unexpected side order to McDonald’s meals, but the fast-food chain certainly has a long history of dealing with rats in restaurants around the world. Just four days ago, McDonald’s staff in a branch in Croydon had to chase out a rodent with brooms after one was found near the kitchen.

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