Martha Stewart’s site takes down picture of durian after getting called out for mistaking it for jackfruit

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Of all the Americans out there who’d make the mistake of confusing jackfruits with durians, you’d think Martha Stewart would know better.

On the lifestyle site belonging to the domestic queen, celebrity chef, and Snoop Dogg’s homegirl, an image of a spiky durian was used as a visual for a piece on jackfruit, and how it can be a substitute for meat. An easy enough blunder spotted by Southeast Asians, but a grave mistake for anyone who’d actually go out and use the awesomely stanky durian flesh in provided recipes such as Italian pasta sauce, Asian curries and barbecued “pulled pork”. screengrab screengrab

To be fair to the lifestyle guru, the article is not even written by her, with the byline showing “From the Editors at Strive” — Strive being a health and wellness brand associated with Stewart. The gaffe is a simple editorial oversight, of course, but it shows the unfamiliarity of the writers with the very subject of their story. You’re writing about the taste profile of jackfruits and its benefits but you don’t know how it actually looks like? Egads.

Durian on the left, jackfruit on the right
Durian on the left, jackfruit on the right

The blunder did not go unnoticed to the people who’d defend the reputation of durian to their deaths — Singaporeans and Malaysians. Martha Stewart herself got called out personally on social media, with some folks getting so offended to the point of demanding for more diversity in her editorial team.

The backlash caused the Strive team to take down the image of the durian from the piece. “We regret the error,” they simply wrote.

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