Man in sports bra goes viral for prying open MRT doors in Singapore

In the latest episode of MRT mayhem, Singapore’s public transport system has become the stage for an unexpected recurring performance featuring a daring individual attempting to thwart the mighty MRT doors.

The latest video from this saga, captured on camera and shared on TikTok on Dec. 3, involves a repeat offender who seems to have a peculiar penchant for prying open MRT doors. Dressed in a black sports bra, a neon pink skirt, and armed with a matching pink handbag, this audacious commuter – identified by authorities as male – turned the mundane act of train boarding into a fashion-forward fiasco.

The offender, undeterred by the watchful eyes of fellow commuters, was seen attempting to stop the MRT doors from sealing. A fellow commuter can be seen shifting uncomfortably, choosing to relocate after a brief, perturbed gaze at the unfolding spectacle.

This MRT misadventure is not the first of its kind. A previous video, believed to be of the same offender and taken on Nov. 29, showcased him attempting to pry open the door while the train was in motion. Amidst the chaos, the commuter faced opposition from irate passengers, shouting for them to cease their antics.

A viral photo taken that day, which has circulated online, shows the problematic commuter sprawled on the station ground, surrounded by station staff and officers from the Public Transport Security Command.

SMRT trains president Lam Sheau Kai, responding to queries by Mothership, confirmed that on Nov. 29, station staff were “alerted to a male commuter who was in a dress deliberately trying to force open the train door while a train was about to move off.” The commuter was described as “uncooperative” and “aggressive” when confronted by the authorities.

Kai emphasized the severity of such actions, stating, “This action endangers the safety of the commuter as well as others on the train.” 

It’s not yet clear whether or not the commuter is facing criminal charges.

At any rate, one can’t help but wonder – was this a cry for attention or a protest against automated doors? If it were the former, we hope the commuter gets the help he needs.

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