Man arrested for sucker punching woman who says she rejected him at Prinsep Street bar (Video)

CCTV footage with blurred edges of the said attack. Image: Kylie Yun/Facebook
CCTV footage with blurred edges of the said attack. Image: Kylie Yun/Facebook

A 25-year-old man accused of assaulting a woman and dislocating her jaw after being rejected at a Prinsep Street bar has been arrested, police told reporters today. 

The announcement came three days after the alleged victim, Kylie Yun, posted surveillance footage showing a group of six people conversing when one of them, wearing a striped top, throws his elbow into the face of the woman in front of him. 

As some of you might have known, my jaw has been dislocated. Yesterday morning, There was this guy that was pestering me and my friend. Trying to hit on us and all,” Yun wrote in the caption. The 15-second clip, which has been shared hundreds of times, doesn’t show what happened prior to the attack.

Yun said the man was a persistent creeper who wouldn’t take no for an answer.

“As I was feeling really uncomfortable about the whole situation as well as his presence, I told him politely to leave us alone and go away countless times,” she wrote. “However, he refused to budge and instead elbowed my face out of the blue and dislocated my jaw just because we didn’t want to be pestered. Just because we wanted our nice alone time.”

She said she was traumatized by the assault, and in a Sunday update added that she had engaged a lawyer.

“A man can do a lot more damage to a girl with lesser effort. I do not wish for him to EVER lay his hands on another girl again … I will also be working with my lawyer, hence this case is ongoing and I won’t be talking much about it until it’s over then I’ll give everyone an accurate account of the story,” she wrote.


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