Mala hotpot restaurant hit with $8k fine for selling duck’s blood to patrons

(Not the dish with duck’s blood). Photo: Li Ji Chuan Chuan Xiang 李记串串香 / Facebook

Animal blood food products are prohibited in Singapore, but that didn’t stop a mala hotpot restaurant from selling duck’s blood in its outlet.

Li Ji Chuan Chuan Xiang Pte Ltd has since been fined $8,000 yesterday after investigations by the Agri-Food & Veterinary Authority of Singapore (AVA) found that it had been selling illegally imported duck’s blood. A tip-off prompted checks at the restaurant’s flagship outlet at 295 South Bridge Road on Aug 31 last year, and officers found 6.3 kilograms of duck’s blood were available for sale as a dish to patrons.

Photo: AVA newsroom
Photo: AVA newsroom

Duck blood is one of the main ingredients in duck blood and vermicelli soup, a traditional Nanjing delicacy believed to promote blood circulation, remove toxins and maintain beauty.

Further investigations revealed that the restaurant owner bought duck’s blood from another man who was selling it via messaging platform WeChat. According to AVA, the seller has since been charged in court for the possession of illegally imported duck’s blood and meat products, as well as the abetment of illegal import of processed food.

AVA also reminded folks that animal blood food products are prohibited here as blood can easily support the growth of bacteria and harbor diseases, posing a risk to public and animal health.

“Unhygienic harvesting of blood can also result in the introduction of foodborne pathogens into blood food products. Meat, eggs, and their products can only be imported from accredited sources in approved countries that comply with our food safety standards and requirements,” wrote AVA in a press release.

Individuals found guilty of illegally importing meat products from unapproved sources and land a maximum fine of $50,000 and/or two years in jail if it’s their first conviction.

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