Malaysian doctor suspended from Australian hospital after vile online comments on Singapore forum come to light

Dr Christopher Kwan Chen Lee via Facebook
Dr Christopher Kwan Chen Lee via Facebook

Where to begin in this sordid mess? Christopher Kwan Chen Lee, a Malaysian medical doctor until very recently practicing in Australia, first in Tasmania, and later in Melbourne’s Box Hill hospital, has been suspended by a tribunal, after many of his sexist, racist and worrying remarks that were made online, came to light. The suspension bars him from working anywhere in Australia, and was to begin from May to allow for his employers to find another replacement; however, after much public outcry, the decision is to be effective immediately.

Just what kind of vile garbage was Dr. Christopher Kwan Chen Lee spewing on popular Singaporean online forum/trash heap Hardwarezone? There was the bit about how “women deserve to be raped.”

Well, in full it was actually: “Some women deserve to be raped, and that supercilious little bitch fits the bill in every way,” which manages to be even more offensive.

via Facebook
via Facebook

He wasn’t done. Also written in an Ask Me Anything (AMA) he hosted under the name Nachtsider on 2016 were these treasures, catalogued by online portal

“I beg to differ. This kind will NEVER learn. She needs to be abandoned in India and repeatedly raped in order for her to wake up her idea.”

“I can just as easily condemn your mother for a whore (if the situation warranted it) as I can save your life or even hers.”

Many netizens have inundated Eastern Health’s Facebook page demanding that Dr. Lee’s medical license be revoked.

“Dr Lee will not be returning to work until the completion of this investigation,” the Eastern Health statement said. “We wish to advise that Eastern Health takes the issue of professional misconduct very seriously … we value diversity, inclusivity and living together respectfully and do not tolerate disrespectful comments or racism in any form,” they wrote in a media statement.

His ire was not only directed at women. Racist comments by the self-professed “foul-mouthed” doctor included not bothering to help Indonesian tsunami victims, writing: “Don’t bother helping that nation of ingrates.”

On Singaporean women, he wrote: “Singaporean women are some of the most materialistic, pampered and self-entitled women you are likely to meet anywhere.”

Apparently, Chinese women were: “calculating, ruthless animals.”

When a woman dared criticize the doctor online, he posted nude photos of her on the internet. Forced to close her social media accounts, Dr Lee gloated: “A new legion of perverts” would be viewing her images. “I won,” he wrote.

Ladies! While you may be wondering where to line up to meet this piece of sh*t yourselves, we regret to inform you that Dr. Lee is married.

During his tribunal, officials learned that he had posted extensively about their sex life, writing: “If my marriage fell apart, it would not end in divorce. It would end in murder.”

Another time he wrote that if his wife were to become pregnant, she would force her to have an abortion by kicking “her down the stairs.”

Thinking he was invincible to any course of action, he asked how he would ever lose a job in Australia over obscenities written on a Singaporean site.

Did no one bother to explain to him how to the internet works?

via Facebook
via Facebook

State health minister, Jenny Mikakos, issued a statement via a spokesperson, calling the behavior “appalling” and saying it “has no place in Victoria, let alone in our hospitals.”

In addition to his six-week ban, Lee was also asked to participate in a course of ethical behavior on social media. However, he continued to post after the fact, writing: “We’ll see who has the last laugh.”

Despite his problematic account, Lee has a small legion of supporters, and has laughed off any suggestions to delete his profile and start anew.

A petition has amassed 800 signatures asking for Lee’s medical license to practice medicine in Australia be revoked.

Lee had previously encountered disciplinary issues at the Royal Hobart Hospital after he was found to have accessed a patient’s medical records on 21 separate occasions “without consent, or clinical need.”


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