Look the otter way: mutilated koi found in Sentosa

In late April this year, wild otters reportedly went on a three-week-long hunting spree in the ornamental koi ponds of bungalows and even a hotel in Sentosa.

About 80 of the 200 koi from the hotel’s pond were preyed on by a pair of otters, while nearly 55 of the surviving 120 were badly injured and had to be disposed of, an employee of the hotel told My Paper.

The otters’ lavish meal cost the hotel about $20,000.

The employee pointed out that the otters are highly intelligent, coming out only to feed in the wee hours when no one is around, and like true sushi gourmands who go for otoro (the most desired and expensive part of the tuna belly), these little critters only target the stomachs of the more valuable fish.

Sentosa Cove residents were not spared either.

Resident Maria Chandra, 51, lost about $64,000 worth of koi overnight, when otters visited her pond for a fine dining experience.

Lacking basic dining etiquette, the otters left a bloody food trail – mutilated remnants of her beloved pet fish were discovered floating belly-up in the bloody pool, with many bitten in half and missing their tails.

What an otter tragedy.

Photo: amitp via Flickr


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