Local satirical board game ‘The Singaporean Dream’ to launch crowdfunding campaign this week

Photo: The Singaporean Dream
Photo: The Singaporean Dream

UPDATE: The crowdfunding campaign for The Singaporean Dream is now live on Kickstarter!

Since Cards Against Humanity was released into the world, adult-oriented card and board games have enjoyed a burst of popularity in recent years. Over here, there’s even a Singaporean edition of the politically incorrect party game: Limpeh Says made a splash with deliciously local references to aunties on MRTs, underage ah lians and more wickedly hilarious jokes only a true blue Singaporean would get.

Now, a new local card game called The Singaporean Dream wants to vie for a place on your shelves. The satirical card game for two to six players of drinking age is set to be launched for crowdfunding on Kickstarter this weekend — it’s a party game that its sole creator and illustrator Theresa believes is an expression of the pressures her fellow Singaporean millennials face.


How to play

All your favourite Singaporean references in one game

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The objective of the game is to collect as many “Dreams Cards” as you can, with Singaporean dreams such as “Win tickets to NDP”, “Retire by 60”, “Clubbing at Zouk” and other familiar achievements lovingly illustrated. Players begin by picking character archetypes including “Complain Queen”, “Aunty”, and “Ah Beng”, each with their own benefits.

Personality Cards. Photo: The Singaporean Dream

“Singaporean Dreams” come at a steep cost (as everything does here) and players will have to buy them with “Cash Cards”. Alternatively, they can also acquire dreams by playing action cards — two of which are drawn on each turn. Action cards can earn you “Cash Cards” (through “Date an Ang Moh” or “GST Voucher”) and “Dream Cards”, as well as allow players to steal cards from other players.

Photo: The Singaporean Dream

The game will continue until all the Dream Cards run out, and the player with the most Singaporean Dreams wins. A simple strategy game, really.


Local aspirations

Preparing prototypes of The Singaporean Dream at a printing shop.  Photo: The Singaporean Dream

The concept of the game came to Theresa during her university graduation, when she realized that her peers were embarking on typical milestones of Singapore society — looking for a job that pays well, getting engaged, and applying for flats. What began as a weekend project turned into a full-fledged card game after nearly a year in the works. Right now, The Singaporean Dream is only available at local board game cafes, and so far, it has been a hit.

“It is the best Singaporean game we’ve seen so far. Our customers love it and they always ask for more,” enthused The Mind Café owner Alvin Tan.

A S$10,000 crowdfunding goal will be set for the project, with most of the funds going into manufacturing, paying for prints, and offsetting the fixed costs, Theresa informed Coconuts Singapore. Depending on the success and reception to The Singaporean Dream, the creator remains open for future expansions to the game.

“There’s definitely a potential for expansion packs (think: 2018 edition) which won’t affect the gameplay. If I get enough traction I might consider working with people from other countries to create spinoffs — ‘The Malaysian Dream’ for example.”

“I would love to see this sold in retail stores and played at gatherings with family and friends,” Theresa said.

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