Local jamming studio refuses band from booking rehearsal room over fears of heavy metal

In an environment that’s notoriously stifling for arts and culture, it’s a difficult endeavour to keep strong the spirit of playing and performing music with friends. To be in a band whose music that not many may comprehend, it’s even harder to exist and keep the music going. 

Subash Ramone, vocalist of local grindcore outfit Truth Be Known, got hit by some genre prejudice when he booked a jamming session at Backbeat Studios. As soon as the management found out that the band played heavy metal, they were promptly shown the door even before they stepped foot in it. All this despite the fact that Subash booked the place earlier, and is a paying customer. 

The fury over the no-metal policy was apparent in the local music community, who were shocked about yet another music venue refusing service to a group over their stylistic preference. It’s typically Singaporean though — it seems to be yet another incident in which freedom of expression in the arts is hindered in the name of business and moneymaking. 

Of late however, Backbeat Studios did seemed to have suffered a dip in standards according to Firdhauz Asyraft of local post-prog band ANECHOIS. 

Some netizens suggested why Backbeat Studio may be more apprehensive when it comes to protecting their equipment. 

To be fair though, Backbeat Studios is an independent business — and independent businesses are free to run their operations the way they want, including reserving the right to enact certain policies. Not to mention the fact that they’re hardly the first to have the no-extreme-music policy. 

Speaking to Coconuts Singapore, Backbeat Studios explained that they refused service to Truth Be Known (and presumably many other bands of heavy sound) because they intentionally don’t allow “certain styles of music” to be performed in their venue. 

“Every business has its own niche and crowd that it serves, so this isn’t really they style of music we are taking in here,” they said. 

In any case, they’re making it clear that all sorts of music of the heavier strain will not be allowed to play in their premises — though it would be wise for them to actually publicised their policy before bands book a session. They should probably update their website too — they forgot to remove the Lorem Ipsum filler text on their page about music services. 

Truth Be Known had a response, and it’s appropriately as metal as their music:

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